DAY 08 . US


Proverbs 3:5-6
2 Chronicles 20:12

Pray for Sanctuary homechurches, ministries, outposts, leaders, staff, elders, and pastors today.

Pray that all who lead and shepherd would hear God’s voice, trust his leading, discern what is right, and submit to his will. Pray for renewal and refreshment, that each would experience intimacy and joy in their personal relationship with Jesus. Pray that our leaders would lead from a place of trust and dependence upon the Holy Spirit, rather than from a place of confidence in the flesh. Pray for encouragement, peace, hope, joy, and for extra reserves of grace and love for those they lead.

Pray that all Sanctuary ministries and programs would honor God, be a blessing to those involved, and a gift to the world around them. Pray that God would use them for his purposes, as we join God in the renewal of all things.

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