first seek

Monday 1.4 | Watch

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me” – Micah 7:7

One of the most tempting things for many of us this Covid season is to numb ourselves; whether by food, drink, netflix or distractions. We just want to skip this current season and enter the next. But the continual season we are called to as believers is to watch and wait. It seems that throughout the Scriptures this is actually our main calling: To spend significant time and focus on seeking what God is doing in our current context by listening; by waiting well. If we truly believe God speaks, then do we take the time to listen in prayer?


Practice some silent prayer. Seek some space and time to present yourself empty and dependent on God. Take 5-10 minutes and just be silent before the Lord. If your mind gets distracted, simply repeat a piece of this verse above: “I wait for my God my Savior..”