Tuesday 1.12 | Wait

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me” – Micah 7:7 (emphasis added)

Want more context? Go and read the six verses in Micah that precede this. His ache sounds awfully familiar to an ache I think we have all experienced in one way or probably many others over the past year. The title of Micah 7 is actually “Israel’s Misery”. “America’s Misery”, “[Insert Your Name]’s Misery”.

I have cried out to the Lord before, I have recognized times of waiting, but rarely have I recognized what this waiting actually looks like. It’s not idle, it’s active. Recently I heard, “waiting on the Lord is simply not acting before He does”. It’s a daily surrender of our will, the way we think things ought to go, to His will. It’s choosing to believe, despite how we feel and despite what we see, God is at work. Practically I think this is allowing ourselves to lay bare before Him. It’s allowing ourselves to have our hearts transformed as we experience the discomfort of relying on something we cannot yet see.

Set aside 10-15 minutes to pray today.

– That Jesus would reveal to us as a church and as individuals how we can actively wait in the midst of this season.

– That we would develop an even deeper sense of trust in Jesus, as we choose to choose His will over our own.

– Take part of your time in prayer and just be silent before God. If your mind gets distracted, simply repeat a piece of this verse above: “I wait for my God my Savior..”

Join us for one of our Tuesday prayer gatherings.