PRAYER CALL FOR COVID-19 / Join us Tuesday, October 6th at 7:30pm for a special prayer call specifically to pray about COVID-19; to mourn those lost, pray for the sick, and for the many complexities of pandemic life.. Zoom link here.

Zoom fatigued? Just tune in by audio, or submit a prayer request here.

Come to pray, or to be prayed for.


We are inviting every person in our church to set aside 10 minutes each day to pray around a united set of directions. Every Tuesday, see daily prompts on the front page of inourtime.co or text “firstseek” to 72345 to have them sent straight to your phone.


Fasting is sacrificing something in order to focus our attention and increase our appetite for God. We are encouraging everyone to pair their prayer with fasting every Tuesday – from breakfast and lunch. Click here for more on why and how to fast.


Every Tuesday, our prayer leaders begin begin the day with a call. We have an open online prayer gatherings at 12pm and then at 8pm we host Altar – a time of listening and seeking God for revival. Whatever your schedule, we want to provide an opportunity for you to get some face time with church family to seek God together.

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