We know that as we seek God through worship, prayer and fasting we raise the sails of our souls, making room in our hearts and lives for God to move. Every Tuesday & Thursday we are inviting you to align your desire with others to see “the fame and deeds of God renewed and known in our time.” (Habakkuk 3:2) 

The Providence Prayer Room is a simple space to do this: To seek God and His presence, be transformed by meditation on The Word, and to intercede for renewal/revival/awakening. 

These spaces come from a resolve to create more and more opportunities to meet with God through corporate prayer and worship. It is our desire that these gatherings would usher in the power and presence of God in our hearts, our homes, our church community, and our region.

We invite you to join with us, and make this pursuit a part of your daily life. 


    • 8:30am – in person (15 Hayes St)


Every Tuesday morning you will receive a text that will link you to a short devotional and prayer prompt that will align our hearts for the week.

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We want to invite you to fast from a meal (or something substantial if food is an issue) on Tuesdays and use that meal time join a prayer room or pray through our weekly prompt on your own. 

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Throughout history incredible seasons of prayer and fasting have been recorded. Of course, in the eyes of those who prayed they may not have been remarkable at all. They sought God in simple and honest ways. They touched the heart of God in one way or another and changed environments, cities, nations and history itself.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. – 1 John 5:14

What if the greater Providence area continued to be transformed by the good news of Jesus and became known as a place where God is alive and at work? God placed us in one of the least churched cities in America, and through us the God of the miraculous is on the move. Our prayers aren’t as ordinary or unremarkable as we think.

Prayer and fasting touches the heart of God and reorders our values.

Prayer and fasting are critical disciplines in joining God in the renewal of all things.

“History is the story of God giving away power. After entrusting the human species with the gift of free choice, God invited its representatives to act as partners, even to argue and wrestle with the One who created them. Yet, virtually everyone God picked to lead a new venture – Adam, Abraham, Moses, David – proved disappointing in part. Apparently God committed to work with human partners no matter how inept. Jesus stayed on earth barely long enough to assemble a dozen followers (no less flawed), to whom he handed the keys of the kingdom of God. Against all odds the movement took off, and the human partnership has not stopped since. We are “God’s fellow workers,” the apostle Paul said. We collaborate with God’s actions in the world. And as God’s coworkers we are encouraged to submit our requests, our desires, and our petitions in prayer.” – Yancey